By Yanti Triwadiantini

Most people want that any collaboration they involved will happen well. But once they experienced that managing partnership is more complicated than they thought initially, their confidence level reduces. Depending on the level of complication from mild to the real conflict among partners, some people now wish they know how to make collaboration works. Making partnership happen well require some skills  which can be trained.

My previous 9 notes have shared keys to success for an effective partnership. One more aspect that is often under estimated is about aligning goals among partners throughout the collaboration life span.

Multiple interests and diversity of partners can naturally shifting the goals for many reasons. Mostly partners adjust to their institution agenda and wider trends. For example: 10 years ago, a coalition of waste management set a goal to manage their wastes based on 3 R ( Reduce, reuse, recycle) aiming to minimize risks, financially and non financially.  Recently, they are tempted to change the goals towards current global trend of circular economy.

Whislt the goal shifting, it requires re-alignment among partners. Not only to commonalities among the partners, they need to look at differences. Partners should learn what are the overlaps and potential conflict. By mapping those aspects, partners can build new commitment based on the re-aligned goals