About Us

Partnership-ID was established in late 2017

with one fundamental mission in mind. “To create SPaCE” – Sustainable Partnership & Community Engagement. Whilst many corporations, NGO’s and other organisations believe in the need to establish a more strategic approach towards corporate social

Partnership–ID focuses on facilitating such relationships by offering a wide range of highly qualified and experienced specialists capable of creating closer linkages among corporate, government and community stakeholders. Experience has shown that such an approach can only be successful by not only engaging those with direct responsibility / accountability for delivery but also through communication with broader communities both within and outside the relevant organisations.

“Community Engagement” therefore lies at the heart of sustainability.

responsibility (CSR), they have struggled to develop effective dialogue with the appropriate stakeholders aimed at establishing a truly sustainable developmental relationship.

  • In-house and public training including special interest issue
  • Provide technical assistances in shaping the partnership strategy
  • An active agent that helps building and navigating the journey of partnership to meet goal