In-House Training

Managing Better Multi-Stakeholder Partnership

by Partnership-ID

TWO-day In-house training

Managing Multi-Sector Partnership For Sustainable Development


  • CSR managers
  • Partnership managers
  • Other relevant decision-makers, line managers or related staffs from within organisation (e.g legal dept, finance, public relations / communications)

Training Objectives

  • To better understand multi-stakeholder partnerships (what, why, when, who & how)
  • To provide an opportunity to introspect partnering challenges and seek solutions
  • To provide specific skills relevant to partnership

Outline of training design

(can be tailored to some extent to different participant groups)

Benefits for the Commissioning Organization

By learning together, the organisation itself is strengthened in its ability to build more effective, efficient and innovative partnerships through having had:

  • The opportunity to connect and explore internal partnering challenges in a ‘neutral’ learning environment
  • Access and experience of new tools and techniques that can be adopted systematically within the organisation
  • Time to reflect on their organisational culture and how it can be adapted to respond to the challenges of partnering with others
  • Structured conversations about how the lessons from the course can be ‘internalised’ so that the added value of partnering can be understood and maximised
  • Deeper experience of engaging as partners and knowing what it takes to collaborate effectively from having learnt together