Partnership-ID has launched “Partnership Academy” in 2021, combining tutorial and mentoring.

First batch was conducted virtually due to pandemic Covid-19, supported by Oxfam.


  • State and civil society actors are key actors in international/national development in collaboration with private sector.
  • All contributing actors to the achievement of SDGs, shall adapt situation and build its capacity for multi-stakeholder partnerships.
  • However, there are still significant gaps of capacity to operationalize SDGs; ranging from gap of knowledge, resources, skills, among others.
  • Partnership brokering skills are becoming key critical skills but there are still few individuals or organizations mastering it.

Partnership Academy

is a capacity building program comprising training and mentorship


  • To build capacity on partnership management skills and its contextualization to engage with development partners.
  • To contribute into the ecosystem of multi-stakeholders partnership for achieving the SDGs.




  • 3 x 2 hours Zoom sessions
  • Module :
    • About effective partnership
    • Brokering partnership skills for development
  • Participants to choose their case for mentoring program


  • 3 x 2 hours Zoom sessions
  • Module :
    • About SDGs & partnership
    • Private Sector Cases
    • Partnership strategy based on participants’ own cases
  • Evaluation test
  • Preparation of Mentoring sessions

* Module can be tailored adjustable to the needs of hosting-organization


  • Participants to choose a real project to be mentored in 3 sessions.
  • Project topic(s) will be selected by the sponsoring organization/company or consensus.
  • Mentors are located for each group (it is aimed that number of participants are equally spread in groups.
  • Mentoring sessions are online, for 2 hours. Total of 3 sessions during 1-2 months duration.
  • Upon completion, there is a general assembly for all participants and all Mentors, to share experiences which is coincided with Inauguration.